Art Nouveau Bronze Sculpture Campagne
Rear View of Charmeuse by CampagnePierre Campange Art Nouveau Sculpture DetailFace of Charmeuse by CampagneCharmeuse Title by CampagneSignature of Pierre CampagneBottom of Campagne SculptureDraped Art Nouveau Bronze by CampagneArt Nouvea Bronze Campagne Birds

Pierre Campagne Antique Art Nouveau Bronze Sculpture Charmeuse



Product Description

The History

Antique Art Nouveau Sculpture Titled “Charmeuse” (“Charmer”) by Pierre Etienne Daniel Campagne (France 1851-1910). Sculpture Depicts a Woman with an Exposed Breast Leaning on a Tree With Four Birds at Her Feet, Shoulder and Leg. Birds Individually Cast (Reference Picture) and Bolted to Sculpture. Masterfully Cast in Multiple Pieces. Lost Wax Bronze Casting. Multi-Color Patina – Golden Liver Flesh, Base and Tree in Green, Clothes and Birds in Green. Titled “Charmeuse” on the Base and Signed “Campagne” on Base.


  • Item#:OAD2090
  • Height: 39-1/2″
  • Width: 11″
  • Base: 10″