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Modern Art Deco Bronze Female Bronze Sculpture with 5ft Wings



Product Description

Modern Art Deco Female Bronze Sculpture with 5-ft Tall Wings

Modern Art Deco style Winged Female Titled “Ecstasy”. Depicts a Winged Female in Nude Form in Classic Hard-Line Deco Design. Original Sculpture Designed by Art Deco Decor. Pieces are Lost Wax Bronze Cast with Silver Finish. Pieces are Fantastic Conversation Pieces. Available with Custom Size Pedestals or Ordered with Only the Solid Top Part of the Pedestal the Sculpture Rests Upon for Counter Top Placement .

Modern Art Deco Winged Female Bronze Sculpture Specifications

Item#: AD2077
Dimensions:  68″ HT
Base: 12″ x 12″ x 12.5″ ht (Custom Sizes Available)